Canadian Off-Road Adventures
Canadian Off-Road Adventures



Half-day (3 hours) *most popular*

Driver - $219   Passenger - $99   Youth passenger - $49


Good for adventurous beginners to advanced riders. This trip takes you through dense forests and up into the mountains, passing glacier fed streams and oceans of wildflowers mid-season. You may even spot some local wildlife (deer, bear, moose, marmots and more) if the timing is right.


Full day (4.5 hours)

Driver - $285   Passenger - $119   Youth passenger - $69


Recommended for experienced riders. More quality ride time, advanced terrain and a freshly prepared trailside lunch is included.


Nature ride (2 hours)

Driver - $169   Passenger - $89   Youth passenger - $39


Great for greenhorns (first timers). Ride inside your comfort zone and get a taste of ATV action. You don't have to get that far out to find some amazing views.


*All trip durations include shuttle time, gear up and machine orientation*

Add-ons and Upgrades

Have an extra passenger? Ride with the guide for $99! (all tours)


Concerned other groups might slow you down? Private tours are available! Call to find out more.


Want to capture the whole thing safely on film? Helmet POV (GoPro) cams are available for rent!


Upgrade to one of our 800cc 'beasts' for an extra $75

*Experienced riders only*


Call or text 250-290-0002 to enhance your ride..

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