Canadian Off-Road Adventures
Canadian Off-Road Adventures

COVID-19 Guidelines 2020




Shuttle service will be suspended. Guests will be expected to self drive to the trail-head. We will meet guests at the Kicking horse river lodge where they will receive waivers and then follow us out to staging




We will be running two half-day trips (approx. 3hrs) departing at 10am and 2pm. Custom trips available upon request, subject to availability


*Groups will consist only of those living together or already travelling together and be no larger than five guest machines*


A copy of our mandatory waiver will be made available upon booking confirmation to allow adequate understanding of the document



All points of contact on our machines will be sanitized before and after each trip


Helmets and goggles will be sanitized after each use. Guests may supply their own safety gear as long as it meets industry standards (DOT approved). Bandannas will be supplied for all guests to protect nose and mouth


There will be only one staff member handling safety gear


Guest expectations


Anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19, which primarily displays as a persistent cough, will not be permitted on the premises. If you are sick, please stay home


If you have travelled outside Canada, you are not permitted on our premises until you have self-isolated for a minimum of 14 days


If you live in a household where someone is showing symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home


If you have underlying medical conditions, it is recommended that you stay home at this time


Physical distancing is required at all times (minimum of 2 meters). Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of the trip without refund


Anyone exhibiting dangerous driving, putting themselves or other guests at risk, will not be permitted to continue driving


Tours may be cancelled at any time at the discretion of the guide


Staff guidelines


Staff members must not come to work when displaying symptoms of COVID-19


Staff must maintain proper social distancing (two meters) whenever possible with regards to guests as well as other staff members


Staff must wash/sanitize hands before and after a tour


Staff have the right to refuse work they deem unsafe


In the case of a first aid scenario, staff must wear eye protection (goggles), respiratory protection (bandanna/mask) and a fresh pair of gloves. A bag valve mask should be used for ventilation whenever possible


Golden (BC)


We stage out of the town of Golden, B.C.


Golden is a small, semi-isolated mountain town and is home to many at-risk residents. Please be particularly vigilant adhering to social distancing, especially if travelling from elsewhere. Avoid staying overnight, shopping or any unnecessary contact with the local population. Please feel free to ask us where the most appropriate places are for supplies (fuel, food, etc)


Thank you and stay safe from the COA team